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If Only We Are NOT Who We Are…

Posted by Marvin on November 30, 2007

I am on business travel to Cape Town, South Africa as I started writing this post. As always, the beauty of Table Mountain and the sourrounding areas is beyond words to decribe.

As I led meetings here, I made every effort to promote the fact that I am a Filipino and that the Philippines is as beautiful as any other country on earth – and possibly even more. I keep on mentioning that Filipinos are a noble people and that we can take our place in the sun together with any other citizen of the world…

…and then the shit hits the fan back at home…

To my horror, CNN showed Trillanes’ latest megalomaniacal caper while we were on our meeting break. Footage of him mouthing off incoherent rhetoric in halting, broken English and of an armoured personnel carrier ramming the Manila Peninsula’s main entrance almost made me cower in shame. My colleagues from Australia, the U.S., the United Kingdom and South Africa started asking questions:

  • “Why is the Philippines so unstable?”
  • “Why is the media covering the rebels? Shouldn’t the government impose a news blackout in cases like these?”
  • “Why is the government allowing the siege to continue for hours? Why not storm the hotel and arrest the rebels?”
  • “Why are people milling around watching the events as they unfolded? Shouldn’t the entire area be cordoned off completely?”
  • “Why can’t you get your act together?”
  • “Why do you have short-term memory loss? Why are you so easy to forgive and forget?”

I had to hide my face in shame…I was so mad with the events back home that I couldn’t even think of defending my people and my country. Come to think of it, what we have is  an indefensible and untenable position.


…a person guilty of a such a blatant crime as trying to overthrow the government (what other evidence is required except for the media footages of the Oakwood mutiny) was not elected into the Senate. Have we forgotten the bombs planted in and around the Oakwood building by Trillanes, Faeldon and their good-for-nothing ilk?


…individuals guilty of rebellion or sedition were thankful that they were even given the right to a trial. If these idiots tried their stunt in some other country, they would have been immediately hanged or shot to death by musketry. Ang lakas pa ng loob na sabihin na ginawa nila ang lahat sa loob ng sistema pero hindi sila pinakinggan! Eh sino ba ang nag-delay ng proceedings ng trial nila? Di ba sila? 


…Filipinos were smart and mature enough to discern the real heroes from those suffering from megalomania and severe messiah-complexes. I had to humbly admit this sad fact to my foreign colleagues: “Tanga tayong mga Pilipino!”


…Senators of the Republic do their job i.e. legislate laws for the betterment of the country – and follow the rule of law and the Constitution – the same Constitution they swore to honor and defend when they took office. Imagine this: A person elected as senator a.k.a. the despicable Trillanes – “escaping” from the court’s custody, making a mockery of the judicial process, illegally breaking and entering into a private establishment, inciting people to sedition by asking people to overthrow the government and ignoring the Constitution’s rules on succession by asking the Supreme Court Chief Justice to take over the reins – acting like the self-styled hero of the Republic.


…someone who risks everything and mouths off fighting words (and a soldier at that) against the government be man enough to face the music and the bullets and not cower behind media people and use them as an excuse for surrendering. Poporma-porma pero susuko din naman pala dahil walang ibubuga!


…all of the hotel guests whose privacy was violated and lives put in danger will come back to the Philippines again and try to forget this experience. The same goes for all investors, businessmen and employees. I pity the honest employees and workers e.g. bell hops, waiters etc. as they will be adversely affected if the customers and guests will not return or will lose confidence in the country.


…the media would not give too much air time to people whose main purpose in life is to grab power or cause trouble. This is not limited to Trillanes’ band of brigands. The same applies to the Communists (why would you capture sound bites from Ka Roger or Joma when they are out of touch with reality and whose main activity now is to burn cell phone towers in exchange for extortion money), the so-called progressives in Congress (party-list congressmen who use taxpayers money for their own goals of establishing a socialist state by destroying the government from within i.e. “ginigisa tayo sa sariling mantika”), retired bishops who had nothing better to do except help other groups in realizing their power grab strategies…


…so-called men-of-the-cloth will concentrate on spiritual matters and not join overtly political and illegal acts. Tingnan niyo ang mga lintik na obispo na ito…They should also be charged with sedition. At itong si Father Reyes, nagmimisa pa ba ito sa parokya niya? Eh lagi ko na lang nakikita sa demonstrasyon itong paring ito eh. Ano ang ginagawa ng Vatican tungkol sa mga radikal na paring ito?


…these people spent their time to help out Filipinos devastated by the recent typhoons and earthquake. Such a bunch of hypocritical vipers! 


…we have less freedoms than what we have right now. We as a people have proven that we are NOT mature enough to wield the freedoms we gained from EDSA. As such, we need to impose more discipline and to highlight the fact that the freedoms we enjoy are NOT absolute. The right to free speech is not absolute…The right to assembly is not absolute…That’s why the country is in a gridlock. Everyone has the damned right to challenge and stop anything from happening – and they have the damned right to shout it out to everyone – and the media has the damned right to print each and every word…


…I am a vulgar and crass man then I can shout to the top of my lungs these crisp and succinct words of derision:


Unfortunately, I am not – and so…I won’t.


3 Responses to “If Only We Are NOT Who We Are…”

  1. Marlon Mamaril said

    Hi Marv.

    I was in the same boat – I had a meeting with our company president and his first statements were: “It seems someone has started a coup in your country again to overthrow Arroyo. Will things never change? Will the Philippines ever achieve political stability?”

    I was simply speechless… Flabbergasted, for lack of a better term.

    I myself don’t understand how people can run and get elected into office even when they have outstanding cases against them. Doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

    @ng g@go t@l@g@ ng mg@ Pinoy, no?

  2. Marvin said

    Sinabi mo pa Marlon.

    I sometimes feel that we do not deserve the freedoms we have. The Philippines is becoming a nation of “reklamadors” and people who always want to be one step of the other i.e. “makaisa”. Everyone criticizes but no one is offering tangible solutions.

    Maybe Lee Kuan Yew is right…We may be “too free” and immature…

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