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Philippine Senate: No Better Than A Boy’s Club Or Fraternity

Posted by Marvin on December 3, 2007

This early, the fallout from Trillanes’ criminal act is revealing a lot about the character and principles (or lack of it) of the Philippine Senate. Such a blatant act unbecoming of a senator of the Republic surely demands attention from the Senate? NOT!

The Senate, who often projects an aura of morality (which I do not buy), is in the limelight as one of their very own members tried to destroy the very Republic they serve. You would expect that the Senate will throw the proverbial book at Trillanes or at least issue resolutions condemning his acts to the high heavens. Consider these facts:

  • They are more than willing to issue condemnations on foreign governments for the “scandals” that they’ve investigated e.g. North Rail, the NBN issue etc.
  • They have spent millions of taxpayer money on “flavor of the month” scandal investigations (presumably in aid of legislation – but more likely IN AID OF RE-ELECTION) with perennial “imbestigadors” like Lacson and Cayetano at the helm.
  • They have even spent legislative time to provide Philippine citizenship to foreigners. (See this post.)

Surely the honorable senators will crack the whip on their neophyte colleague’s indiscretions read: crimes…Right?


Case in point:

  • Senator Manuel Villar (the Senate President himself) said that an investigation by the Senate on Trillanes was not a priority and that the courts should be given jurisdiction over the issue. And yet, they’ve investigated other so-called “scandals” which also involved supposed criminal acts covered by the courts before. What’s so special about this one…except for the fact that they will be investigating their fellow senator?
  • Senate Minority Floor Leader Aquilino Pimentel Jr.  and a number of opposition senators has even said that an investigation would not prosper. He wants the courts to decide on the consequences of Trillanes’ action. And yet if the issue revolves around the government or the administration, mas malakas ba sa busina ng tren ng PNR ang sigaw nitong taong ito.
  • Instead of condemning and investigating Trillanes, a cadre of senators composed of Manuel Villar, Mar Roxas, Benigno Aquino III, and Ramon Revilla Jr. filed separate resolutions calling for an investigation into the media arrests after the police assault on the Manila Peninsula. Inuna pa ang reklamo ng media! Kasalanan ng media kaya sila inaresto! Masyadong gahaman sa ratings at masyadong reklamador ang mga nasa media. They were asked to leave and yet chose to stay – so they have no right to cry foul! Aba 2008 pa lang…namumulitika na si Villar at Roxas! Masyadong ganid sa kapangyarihan at gustong maging presidente.

What the hell does this all mean?

In simple terms, the Senate doesn’t have the balls to chastise or penalize a colleague. It doesn’t have the guts to stand for what is right – instead effectively supporting their boy by doing nothing.

The only ones asking for an investigation are Senators Santiago and Pangilinan.

Talo niyo pa ang mga gang at fraternities! Instead of my brother, right or wrong….You are chanting: “My fellow senator, right or wrong…”

You disgusting maggots! I spurn you as I would spurn a rabid dog…


6 Responses to “Philippine Senate: No Better Than A Boy’s Club Or Fraternity”

  1. Marlon Mamaril said

    Never did care much about them “Senate Fact-Finding Commissions”.

    They always seem to be more like “Fault-Finding” investigations that are done for the (political) benefit of the Senators themselves. Free publicity too.

    There should be more transparency and people should just shut up and do their jobs.

    GMA should concentrate on leading the country and not worry too much about covering her hubby’s big butt everytime he gets himself involved in a scandal.

    Senators and congressmen should concentrate on making new laws and/or improving old laws that are outdated. No one asked them to be the country’s conscience and perform investigations as they please.

    The COMELEC snd it’s officials should concentrate on the elections and not get themselves involved in government contracts up for bidding.

    Justices and members of the judicial system should concentrate on handling cases efficiently and on the proper interpretation of laws that have been passed by the Senate and Congress.

    The military should concentrate on the insurgents and not attempt to grab power in coup d’etats that only serve to lower confidence in our government and in our financial markets.

    Religious groups should focus on the spiritual well-being of their respective flocks and should neither incite nor condone political action from their followers.

    Me, I should probably mind my own business and get back to work. 😉

  2. Marvin said


    Very good points Marlon…

  3. Brixter said

    Add Richard Gordon to the list of good senators. He condemned the senate for being too silent on the trillanes case.

  4. barrycade said

    Let’s wait when presidential elections is near. I bet we’d hear more senators (with dreams of being president) lashing out on and about the wrong things. We Pinoys have never improved on our sense of priority; Senate is one shameful example.

  5. Marlon Mamaril said

    Happy Birthday Marvin!

    Hope everything is going well for you.

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