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Dramatis Personae

Posted by Marvin on February 25, 2008

Dramatis personae def. Latin phrase (“the masks of the drama”) used to refer to the characters in a dramatic work or play.

Plays sink or swim depending on the cast of characters. The more the audience links up emotionally with the characters (loving or hating them), the better the chances of the play doing well at the box office. Given the sad Philippine Telenovela currently unfolding, it might be worthwhile to look at the list:


Character: The Sore Loser
Played By: Joey de Venecia

Background: Long-suffering son living under the shadow of his more illustrious father. Aspired to beat Daddy in his own game by trying to snag a giant government contract even if he is not fully equipped to do battle with the big boys. Loses. Cries “Foul!” and runs back to Daddy for help.

Motto: “There is no honor among thieves.”


Character: The Singer
Played By: Jun Lozada

Background: A nobody who is suddenly thrust into the spotlight by The Sore Loser’s tantrums. Admitted to having his own share of bad deeds. Caught between a rock and a hard place, he starts to sing like the proverbial stool pigeon. The audience applauded. Seeing that he is appreciated by the audience and wanting to provide some entertainment, he sings some more – adding a few choice jokes and wisecracks on the side. The people ate it up. More applause. More songs. Couldn’t turn professional though because he couldn’t produce the lyrics to his songs i.e. no physical proof that the songs are his or that the songs exist for that matter.

Motto: “If you can’t stand the heat, put someone else in the kitchen.”


Character: The Silent One
Played By: Romulo Neri

Background: A technocrat who made the mistake of operning his mouth and Pandora’s Box at the same time. Trapped between the Pillars of Hercules, he opted to stay silent hoping that the maelstrom will pass him by.

Motto: “Less talk, less mistake. No talk, no mistake.”


Character: The Broker
Played By: Benjamin Abalos

Background: Adept at bringing strange bedfellows together. Previously been involved in other compromising situations. The guy everyone loves to hate. Perennially sourrounded by lawyers so that libel/slander cases could be filed immediately.

Motto: “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can’t hurt me – I’ll just sue your sorry ass.”


Character: The Inquisitor
Played By: Alan Cayetano

Background: The modern-day incarnation of the consumate medieval bastard Tomas de Torquemada. Extremely paranoid and sees Malacanang’s hand in everything. Exhibits a Messiah-complex which keeps him tied up in investigations and hearings. Too busy doing police work – no time for legislative work (ZERO bills/resolutions filed since being elected senator).

Motto: “Eat your heart out Chiz Escudero. I’m winning in the ratings game.”


Character: The Puppet Master
Played By: Jose de Venecia

Background: The traditional politician and political survivor. Recently lost his crown but currently rebuilding his empire from the ground up. Self-styled kingmaker. Performs most of his magic tricks behind closed doors.

Motto: “I, me and myself.”


Character: The Bogeyman
Played By: Jose Miguel Arroyo

Background: The guy everyone fears. According to The Inquisitor, the cause of every known problem that the country faces including adult-onset acne, the Regine Velasquez ABS-CBN/GMA brouhaha and obesity.

Motto: “If you think I’m tough, wait till you face my wife.”


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