A Pinoy Expatriate’s Insane Musings

The Philippine Telenovela

Posted by Marvin on February 25, 2008

I’ve been away from it all for the past two months.

Why? Because I’m sick and tired of reading crappy news from the Philippines. Sick and tired of self-serving statements and wolves in sheep’s clothing…There are just so many sanctimonious bastards out there and I will not let them ruin the holidays.

Every day, I thank the Lord God that I am here and NOT there (a very selfish thing to say but this is exactly how I feel and most Filipinos here in the US probably feel the same way)…

On a more personal note, I’ve just been appointed to a different role in the company I work for. This means that my L-1 visa will continue to be in effect…Yipee!!! “Four more years! Four more years!”

Four more years of watching the Philippine National Telenovela from 8,000 miles away…


One Response to “The Philippine Telenovela”

  1. rb balicanta said

    I cant wait 4 more years.. Ill be picking you up in the Airport! I wanna escort you straight to Senate. 0917-9932544 call me when you get home.

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