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Right Back At You…

Posted by Marvin on February 27, 2008


According to Joseph Estrada, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) stand on the National Broadband Network-ZTE controversy is “like asking a thief to catch a thief”. Based on the Inquirer report, Estrada also indicated that the resignation of the President was not the call of the bishops but of the people and said he would support people power if Arroyo would block moves to impeach her.

RIGHT BACK AT YOU: I must admit it. Estrada has some nerve to mouth off statements like these. Calling Arroyo a thief sounds soooooooo hollow coming from a CONVICTED plunderer like Erap. Ang kapal ng mukha!!!! That line on resignation not being the call of the bishops but of the people indicates a selective case of consciously omitting out historical facts. It should be noted that during EDSA II, BOTH the bishops and the people wanted HIM out. And what does he call the efforts of his minions in the Senate (like suppressing the admission of the second envelope into evidence)? Isn’t that a case of “blocking moves to impeach” him? Reminds me of that old religious song: “Bago mo linisin ang dungis ng iyong kapwa, hugasan ang iyong putik sa mukha…”


Senator Maria Ana Consuelo Madrigal recently implied that First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo and the Chinese embassy were in cahoots on the NBN-ZTE controversy because of a purported copy of a NEDA memo with a marginal note of “FG”.

RIGHT BACK AT YOU: Trade Secretary Favila refuted this by saying that the original marginal note indicated “FGI” referring to Florante G. Igtiben with the “I” conveniently erased. Igtiben handles Chinese-funded projects at the NEDA. Senator “Half Moon” Madrigal is what I would call a “hair-trigger” show-off. Trying to impress people with the proverbial smoking gun, she doesn’t bother to check her sources (or should it be accomplices). Regardless of whether or not Malacanang’s spin on the matter holds water, can one of the retired senators tutor this halfling on proper legislative and diplomatic decorum. She basically implied that the Chinese ambassador, the Chinese Embassy and by the mathematical principle of transitivity – the Chinese Government of corruption. The Chinese do have its fair share of corrupt officials but a legislator should not issue such pronouncements lightly. Pakilagyan nga ng busal ito at baka mapasubo tayo sa giyera ng di oras… Her excuse? She was just doing her duty as Senator. Ek…Ek… Your duty Senator is to enact laws of national importance – not to play the role of a private eye…Ano na ba ang mga batas na naipasa mo aber? Refer to her senatorial record here.


Who else will shoot themselves in the foot with their own gun? Abangan…


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