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Finding Filipino Food In California

Posted by Marvin on August 2, 2006

It is August 02…Only a few more days before we leave. I looked out of my office window and all I see is a fraction of the Manila Peninsula, One Roxas Triange in the distance and some ominous cumulo-nimbus clouds in the sky. What a time to leave the country…Two storms (“Glenda” and “Henry”) rampaging across the archipelago while it is SIZZLING hot in California – with daytime temperatures in the 40s (degrees Celsius mind you!). Just the perfect time to start thinking (and writing) about food. Specifically, Filipino food. One of the long running questions in my head is this: How in the cotton-pickin’ heck are we going to find luscious, piping-hot Filipino food in the East Bay Area of California?

Thank God for former Vice-President Al Gore and the Internet…Vice-President Gore for making it clear to everyone that 2005-06 is the year that global warming gave us a crisp whack in the head i.e. “malutong” in Indio-speak and the Internet for helping me find Pinoy food in my soon-to-be home.

Google Maps

Master-of-the-Web-Universe Google is awash with hits if you type “Filipino food in the United States” as a search parameter. Here are some of the first sites which popped out:

  • Filipino Recipes Link dot com is a site filled with links and info on Filipino recipes (Wow…That’s a surprise.) They have a special section called “Directory of Filipino Restaurants in the United States” with phone numbers and addresses (so you can google them on Google Maps.)
  • Max’s Restaurant is also in the U.S. (Yahoooooo!!!!!) They have a functionality in their site which enables a person in the U.S. to order online and have the food delivered to someone in the Philippines. This is well and good for the guy in the Philippines…but what about us hungry-folks in the U.S.? Grrr…”Nasanay kasi ako sa mga delivery service dito sa Pinas…”
  • Gerry’s Grill is also in California. They have a branch in Union City. I just hope it is near to our house in San Ramon (Near is a relative term – especially in the U.S. where “near” could refer to a place that is 15-20 miles/24-32 kms away).

Or you could approach the search like a tech-savvy geek would. Go to either Yahoo! Local or Google Maps and just enter what you’re looking for in a more or less high-level search syntax like “Filipino restaurants near Area 51” or something like that and Yahoo! and Google will do the rest. And the answer is “NO. There are no Filipino restaurants near Area 51 or Groom Lake or Dreamland or whatever it is you call that place in the Nevada desert.” If you’re not satisfied, go to Google Earth, download the free software and ogle to your heart’s content.

One of my hare-brained schemes is to visit some of these Filipino restaurants and post my reviews on this site (ala Anton’s Our Awesome Planet blog). Not that this site is the hottest blog in the world. I don’t even know if anyone reads this aside from my wife: “Hi, Honey!”


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