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“Babalik Ka Rin…”

Posted by Marvin on August 1, 2006

I’m starting to get that awful feeling. My feet have yet to leave Philippine soil and yet I’m already experiencing the first pangs of homesickness.

There is a movie that keeps on playing in my mind: A man is pensively walking at the airport laden with the usual Pinoy travel paraphernalia e.g. the classic “maong” jacket, a bulging shoulder bag, tight jeans with belt buckles that would make Tom Jone envious. Amidst the organized chaos of the airport, a woman’s cry echoes out…“TONYO!!!!!” <<Enter Gary V. with a couple of bars of “Babalik Ka Rin”>>

Yup, I am now officially suffering from pre-departure homesickness. To make the “Tonyo!!!” scene even more riveting, I am currently plugged in to my iPod Video bobbing my head up and down as I savour each melodious note of “Babalik Ka Rin”. I can distinctly hear some native instruments in the music track. Not sure if it is the gong, kulintang or kudyapi. Thank God for Steve Jobs and Apple for their gift of the iPod and iTunes. Now I can absorb every subtle note and every nuance as I get lost in my reverie…

…Or until I get sick and tired of Tonyo’s face in the movie in my mind…


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