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Dream Match-Ups

Posted by Marvin on February 23, 2007

The elections made me think about contests, fights, matches…

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have “dream match-ups” i.e. unlikely matches involving people who will never be up against each other? I have.

I’ve often imagined a match with Francis Escudero and Alan Peter Cayetano slugging it out and trying to outdo each other for the “Most Annoying Solon Award” or the “Whiner…Whiner…Pants on Fire  Medal”

Or how about Jinggoy Estrada and JV Ejercito duking it out in a sumo wrestling match for the “Daddy’s Favorite Boy Award”? I can picture it all now…Erap will be awarding the prize to the winner of the match. But the champion could not rest on his laurels. He will need to defeat George Estregan, Jr. in a head-butting contest for the esteemed “King of the Ejercitos” crown.

But I can only imagine these scenarios. Some folks however, have taken the concept of “dream match-ups” to a whole new level. Check out these YouTube videos from AMDS Films:

T2 vs. Robocop Episode 1:

T2 vs. Robocop Episode 2:

T2 vs. Robocop Episode 3:
Neo vs. Robocop:


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Trial Video Posting

Posted by Marvin on February 22, 2007

This is my first, feeble attempt at posting a video on this blog. I am just trying see how it goes…This video is about Steve Jobs’ Commencement Speech delivered at Stanford University (2005).  This is a very good  speech and quite inspirational in nature…

…Listen to the reference on “Windows copying the Mac”…Sorry Bill (Gates)…The truth really does hurt…

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